Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fit Tips 4 Life is Born

How Fit Tips 4 Life Blog Site Was Born! Photo of baby feet by Doreen Dotto from Wikimedia Commons.
Looking for great fitness tips for regular people? After many years of thinking about creating a space like this to help others who are looking for fitness ideas, I have finally decided to jump in with both feet with the birth of my first blog, Fit Tips 4 Life.
How I Got Into Group Exercise

I have been teaching group exercise since 1999, but to be honest, I might have never jumped into the group exercise scene without a little prodding from some of my friends. I avoided even going in the group exercise (or aerobics) room because I thought there was an extra charge at the gym. I'm pretty tight with my money and figured I could work out for free. Thankfully, a newfound friend dragged me into the room, never imaging that I would one day be standing before classes.

Busting the Myths and Excuses About Exercise

I have always loved music and I used to cruise around town on my bike for hours at a time, but I never was particularly coordinated. I got a standing ovation from my entire school when I finally got a chance to play in a basketball game...everyone knew we had already won the game if I was getting to go out on the court. You don't have to be coordinated to get fit.

If you think you don't have time to get fit, well, you probably don't have time to be unfit either. It is an investment of time, but many studies have found great benefits with even very modest amounts of daily exercise. We all have the same number of hours in our can be done, even with a busy schedule.

Regular exercise has so many perks, from keeping one's body in better physical condition to helping one's mood. Many people who work out say that they don't feel right if they miss their normal workout schedule, but that tends to happen over time. If it feels unnatural at first, don't panic. It often takes about twelve weeks of a regular exercise routine to develop a good habit.

One of my favorite people in the world said that she attended one step class in her life. After just a few minutes of watching everyone else in the gym who seemed to know all the steps but her, she felt compelled to put up her step and grab a soft drink and candy bar. Another person told me she didn't like to take yoga classes because they stressed her out. I vowed to try to make my classes welcoming and friendly, but to give people a sweat if they want one.

If you hate to exercise but want to find some creative ways that may work, I hope to put up some useful, practical information about fitness. There's a LOT of variety out there. Just look at Richard Simmons, Bruce Lee, and Mia Hamm for starters. If you've tried something in the past, that doesn't mean that nothing will be a good fit for you. I had to try quite a few different types of exercise before I found some that I really liked and enjoyed.

Here's to the birth of Fit Tips 4 Life!

Modified Extended Angle Yoga Position ©Katrena
Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning or changing any exercise routine.


  1. These tips are gainful for everyone. We should do exercise daily to make our body smart and fit. Of course regular physical activity can help us to stay healthy.


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