Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Great Exercise Playlist – Old and New Songs for a Fun Workout

I enjoy a lot of the older songs with great beats and fun lyrics and remember sitting in my bedroom sifting through my mom's records that featured the Everly Brothers, Elvis, Dolly Pardon, and many others.

If my kids and I want to get up and dance while listening to a playlist, I know I've got a keeper! Music can add a spark to a workout and may even motivate someone to push harder and actually enjoy getting a bit of exercise. The younger generations may also learn some songs from years gone by and perhaps research the vocalists and/or bands who made them popular.

This list mixes the old and new as well as including various speeds so that I can incorporate a variety of workout styles. I've done old school floor aerobics, kickboxing, dance, sculpt, pilates, and yoga with this particular list.

There's nothing like working out for an hour with a smile on your face as you think, oh yes...I remember that song! And it's just as cool if the kids come running into the room saying, "Wow, is that Elvis...I love that song!"

Jerry Lee Lewis Can Make a Piano Rock - Photo by Evette from Wikimedia Commons
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
You're The One (That I Love)
Pinball Wizard Has Fun Beat and Adds a Bit of Nostalgia - Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Pinball Wizard
Rhythm Nation
You're Still the One
What a Wonderful World (Power Music Mid-Tempo Power Mix 14 has a version with a faster tempo – I would put the slower version at or near the end)
Love Songs Abound - Photo by Calum Redhead at Wikimedia Commons
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher (nice, fun version on SilverSneakers Silver Soul Volume 13)
Edge of Glory
Run to You
Break My Stride
Elvis Songs Still Alive Today - Photo by Ollie Atkins at Wikimedia Commons
All Shook Up
Brown Eyed Girl
Wonderful, Merciful Savior

I hope this play list brings back some fun memories, encourages you to listen to a few, and perhaps gets you up to dance!

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