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5 Fitness Plan Roadblocks and Practical Tips to Stay on Track

How to Stay on Track with Fitness Goals - Photo by tpascal
Many people resolve to get into shape after November and December splurges. A new year might spark an interest in a new healthier lifestyle. Ideas become reality, and the workouts begin. Great!

But then come icy roads, cancelled group exercise classes, broken machines in the weight room, and the list goes on. Fitness routines are often the first to retreat to the back burner when schedules begin to crunch and original plans go awry. These are the times made for one's backup fitness plan, a plan B.

I Can't Exercise Outside...Now What?

If outdoor conditions are unsafe, what indoor exercises are acceptable to you? Even small indoor areas are often suitable for workouts. Take, for example, this Power Walk video. Just be careful if choosing videos – some are much safer than others. Treadmills, exercise bikes, and other machines enable people to get a great cardiovascular workout in a small indoor space. Walking in an indoor track or mall can be a great option when outdoor workouts are not possible.

Oh No...Not an Injury!

If you have an injury, how might you safely modify your exercise routine? Water walking, swimming, and other water exercises may provide support to the joints and enable you to maintain a similar exercise routine in the water. Many people do not consider classes designed for seniors, yet many of these classes welcome adults of all ages and provide several modifications for people who have injuries.

My Exercise Partner Didn't Show Up

If you originally planned to work out with someone, what will you do if he or she cannot come? Do you have a backup plan that you can safely perform alone? Are other people available? Is a group exercise class a possibility? Do you have music to help pass the time?

But That Was My Favorite Exercise Class!

If a group exercise class is cancelled or a substitute is teaching, what are your plans? Many people take one look at a sub and run for the hills...or perhaps the car, ditching the workout completely. As an exercise instructor who has been teaching since 1999, I want to assure you that I would love to see people coming in and trying a new routine or a different instructor! And if the class is cancelled, move to plan B. Or plan C. Doing something new can challenge not only one's muscles but one's brain as well. If you truly enjoy an exercise class, plan to attend regularly – many great exercise classes are cancelled due to low numbers.

A Backup Plan for Success

Roadblocks are bound to appear from time to time that have the potential turn that healthy, active lifestyle back into a sedentary one. Being fully prepared with several backup plans can help ensure you stay on track and keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

Before starting or changing a fitness routine, check with one's healthcare provider regarding which exercises are safe for you.

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