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Cooking with the Kids? How to Enjoy the Holidays With Children in the Kitchen

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Cooking with the kids can be quite an interesting experience! Teaching children how to cook can be an invaluable experience as this skill can help them function more independently and can give them a great sense of accomplishment. Yes, you'll probably have lots of messes and a few goofs here and there, but many kids are highly motivated to help in the culinary department, especially if they get to assist with devouring the treats later.

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Involve the kids in selecting a menu. This can give you the opportunity to talk about healthy choices, the cost of ingredients, safe foods for anyone with allergies, and much more. Stress safety issues and ensure the kids understand that the kitchen can be a dangerous place. When getting supplies ready you may wish to talk about the names of the various culinary implements you are using and perhaps throw in some math skills with measurements. Having the kids participate in cleaning up after cooking can teach responsibility and teamwork.

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My kids' ages are varied, from a teenager to a first grader, but all of them know they are welcome in the kitchen. They are becoming great helpers, and I love to see how each one leans toward different interests while cooking. My 7-year-old arranged the oranges, lemons, and limes into various shapes today – perhaps she will become an amazing culinary decorator! My second oldest was like a whirlwind as she gathered supplies and created lists for packing food for Thanksgiving. Who knows...she might manage a restaurant some day! My oldest had a great eye for seeing if something might tip over and was quick to entertain everyone with her talent for accents and singing, nice qualities for someone who loves to perform.

Those early experiences in the kitchen might make for some great memories to enjoy in the future....and perhaps some tasty meals too!

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