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Cemetery Strolling – Free Fitness Opportunity

Walking in a Cemetery Can Benefit Mind and Body - Photo by Obra19
Walking through a graveyard might sound a bit odd to some and perhaps morbid to others, but a cemetery is one of my favorite places to walk outside. Walking offers a nice variety of physical benefits, and many people prefer to walk outside. However, finding a safe place to take a stroll for free can be quite challenging in many areas.

Walking in a Graveyard for Exercise - Photo by Nitot
Always check with one's healthcare provider before beginning or changing any exercise routine and ensure that weather conditions allow for a safe walking environment. Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for weather conditions and supportive walking shoes. Consider carrying a water bottle and cell phone while walking.

Free Places to Walk Outside - Photo by sailko
Many towns and cities have one or more cemeteries, and most cemeteries are open to the public during daylight hours. Traffic in a cemetery is often minimal unless a graveside service is being held. Owners of cemeteries often keep the grounds and roadways well-maintained. The walking surface may be smoother than some uneven sidewalks in town.

Peaceful Type of Exercise - Photo by Joeb
You might have the opportunity to make a few new friends if you visit a cemetery on a consistent basis. Some family members may visit grave sites often. Memorial services may be offered at the cemetery on a regular basis, and you might make note of these opportunities as you walk.

Cemetery Walking Can Connect Generations - Photo by Wernervc
If you choose to walk in a cemetery where one's own loved ones have been laid to rest, this can be a regular opportunity to pay one's respect to those buried there. I often feel a sense of peace as I glance at tombstones while I walk. For me, it serves as a sort of connection with generations of the past and provides an opportunity for me to contemplate my short-term and long-term priorities.

Walking Through Cemetery to Honor Those Who Died - Photo by Mick Lobb
A cemetery may provide peaceful tranquility as you can enjoy the various sounds of birds and local wildlife. Winding roads through a cemetery might also provide a welcome change of scenery from the humdrum oval on a track.

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  1. What a great post! I love walking in cemeteries for many of the reasons you mentioned.

    Another nice thing about them (from a more pragmatic point of view) is that most cemeteries will have public restrooms somewhere (usually near the front office). That's nice if you've been drinking a lot of water on your walk, and/or just want to freshen up a bit when you're done.

    1. Thanks for reading my article about walking in cemeteries. You made a good point about restrooms - that's always a good thing to have nearby!


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