Thursday, November 14, 2013

Free Printable Walking Cards for Counting Laps or Time: Giving Thanks!

Walking Cards for Giving Thanks - Photo by Click
Walking cards can help one to focus attention on specific themes. This November, many of my Facebook friends are posting daily words of thanks, so I decided to create walking cards of thanks. These free cards can be printed and kept together with a keychain.

This list includes twelve cards. The first four cards contain Bible verses including words of thanks from the King James Version. The remaining eight cards offer suggestions for specific things for which you might offer thanks. You can make each topic specific and meaningful to you as you walk.

If you are walking on a standard track and focusing on one card per lap, you will have walked three miles. Alternatively, you might change cards at a designated number of minutes. Be careful to watch where you are walking – you may wish to stop whenever reading a card. Ensure that you check with a healthcare provider before starting or changing any exercise program.

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  2. Select file-print.
I hope you enjoy these walking cards! Feel free to share your experience with this resource in the comment section below.

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