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6 Practical Tips to Stay Fit While Snowed In

How to Keep Fit When You are Snowed In - Photo by Snowbear
Many areas of the country blaze right through the snow. They might have multiple feet of the white stuff but manage to keep a regular routine of work, school, and exercise workouts at the gym. However, not all areas of the country have the equipment and money required to maintain that normal schedule. People living in the southern states in particular often find that snow and ice storms equals treacherous driving conditions, often leading to canceled activities.

Snow days might provide one with some much needed rest. We often work countless hours to pay for a house and provide for a family that we rarely see. Do not underestimate the value of relaxing and spending time together. Snow days have the potential to make great memories.

However, becoming completely sedentary during snow days might make it very difficult to get back into a regular exercise routine! Many folks turn to the kitchen and create delicious feasts while marooned at home...much to the dismay of one's waistline.

Inexpensive Exercise Equipment - Good Backup Plan for Snow Days - Photo by earl53
Here are a few tips to stay on track with a fitness routine while snowed in. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting or changing a fitness routine to ensure that exercises are safe for your current health condition. Listen to your body and adjust your routine accordingly.
  1. Exercise outside if conditions are safe to do so – building a snowman, sledding, and having a snowball fight burn calories while having fun with others.
  2. Uncover the exercise equipment – if you are one who has a treadmill or elliptical machine that has become a horizontal filing cabinet and vertical clothes hanger, this would be a good time to clean it off and get your money's worth!
  3. Involve the family at home and/or friends on social media sites in generating ideas for a unique workout routine each day – you might discover that you love different types of exercises you would have never thought to try.
  4. Add music – the beat may encourage you to avoid slowing down and might help you to enjoy a longer is hard to stop dancing when you love the song!
  5. Incorporate resistance with equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, or a stability ball or try pushups, sit-ups, or a Pilates or yoga routine.
  6. Try exercise videos – be careful because some routines may be safer than others.
Exercise Options at Home - Photo by pippalou
Daily exercise offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Maintaining a safe fitness routine at home may benefit your own health and might encourage family members and friends to get involved as well.

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