Thursday, August 14, 2014

Katrena's Retro Cardio Exercise Playlist #2

Retro Cardio Exercise Playlist #2
This retro cardio playlist features songs that were popular years ago. I went way back for a few and then only a couple of years in the archives for a few songs. Mixing up the speeds lends itself well to interval training, which can be quite effective. You are more likely to work harder on those faster songs if you know the next one is going to be slower rather than simply pacing oneself if all the songs on a playlist are faster.

Here is my retro cardio exercise playlist #2
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • Maybelline
  • Addicted to Love
  • She Drives Me Crazy
  • Money
  • The Story of Us
  • Cuando Cuando
  • Let the Music Play
  • Straight Up
  • Pump Up the Jam
  • Party Rock Anthem
  • Car Wash
  • Piano Man
I hope you enjoy this playlist. What are your favorite older songs? Perhaps some of them might land on one of my future lists!

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